Mid Delta Auction presents :

January 30, 2019
Roconni Farms Retirement Auction
285 Prevost Rd.
Boyle, MS 38730





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2011 Case IH 8120 Combine-2178/1747 Hrs, s/nYBG212227

2009 Case IH 7088 Combine-1970/1592 Hrs, s/nY9G002709

2014 MacDon D65-S Header-25′, s/n248530

2014 MacDon D65-S Header-25′, s/n252358

2012 Case IH 3408 Corn Header-8 Row, 38″, s/nYCS039244

2014 Case IH Magnum 290 Tractor-1937 Hrs, Auto Steer, s/nZERD01801

2010 Case IH Magnum 305 Tractor-3100 Hrs, Auto Steer, s/nZARZ03995

2009 Case IH Magnum 305 Tractor-4293 Hrs, Auto Steer, s/nZ9RZ03867

2005 Case IH MXM140 High Crop Tractor-4894 Hrs, 320R54 Tires, s/nACM230135

2000 Case IH MX150 Tractor-7137 Hrs, s/nJJA0095897

2000 Case IH MX120 High Crop Tractor-11,234 Hrs, s/nJJA0103846

1994 Case IH 9270 Tractor-12,731 Hrs, 2 Years on new Engine, New Tires, s/nJEE0032063

1994 Case IH 7120 Tractor-9787 Hrs, s/nJJA019167

2007 Case 580M Backhoe-1463 Hrs, 4×4, Ext. Hoe, 4 Stick, s/nN7C423014

2012 Case IH 1230 Early Riser Planter-12 Row, 38″, Stackfold, s/nYCS041027

2015 Great Plains 3P4025AH Planter-Lift Assist, Twin Row, 12 Row, 38″, s/nGP-C1054S

John Deere 1560 Grain Drill-20′, Pull Type, Hyd. Down Pressure, 7.5″

John Deere 1560 Grain Drill-20′, Pull Type, Hyd. Down Pressure, 8″

Red Rice Rig-3 Pt

Roll-A-Cone Hipper-12 Row, 38″, Vertical Fold

Bigham Bros. 888 Buster-Stackfold, 12 Row, 38″

Dickeyvator Buster-Vertical Fold, 12 Row, 38″

Bell Do All-8 Row, 3Pt, Folding

Box Scraper-Pull Type, 10′

Ez Drop Polypiper

Hicks Bros. Poly Pipe Layer

Rhino 540 Hyd. Blade-10′

2015 Wilrich XL2 Field Cultivator-36′

Wilrich 2800 Field Cultivator-36′

Case IH RMX340 Disk-32′

Case IH 501 Disk-24″ Blades, 20′

Willmar Fab. 642 Hooded Sprayer-Broadcast, 40′, Stackfold, w/ Tank and Pump

Red Ball 640 Hooded Sprayer-Broadcast

Bell Hooded Sprayer-40′, Broadcast, w/ Tank and Pump

Amco Dike Plow-Hyd.

Rome Dike Plow

Amco Dike Plow

Short Line Ripper-8 Row, Slant Shank

Proctor Roller-Pull Type, 30′

Holly Turnrow Scraper-10′

Proctor Camel Back Pump

Proctor Camel Back Pump

KBH Water Trailer-1000 Gallon, Like New

KBH Water Trailer-1000 Gallon, New Engine and Pump

Barrentine Aluminum Water Trailer

EZ Trail 3400 Seed Tender

EZ Trail 3400 Seed Tender

McFarlane 1046 Harrow

Land Plane

Folding Finish Scraper

Nammco LG40 Blade

Water Buffalo

Super Long Backhoe-3 Pt

Graham Chisel Plow-18 Shank, 3 Pt

Gate Setter

Subsoiler-3 Shank

Pull Type Do All Folding

Water Furrow Plow-w/ Polypipe Layer

Hyd. Blade

Disk-12′, 3 Pt

John Deere Ripper-6 Shank

John Deere Rotary Hoe

Spray Boom-3 Pt, w/ Tank

(30) Levee Gates

Brandt HR21 Hipper Roller-6 Row, Rigid, w/ Markers

Harrow-6 Row, 3 Pt

Bush Hog 3710 Cutter

(5) Perkins Power Units

Case IH P85 Power Unit

Bulk Bag Caddy for Forklift

PFM PTO Ditcher

Komatsu LP Forklift

TCM FH636 Forklift-Gas, Duals

Shop Equipment

2003 Mack Vision-513,630 Miles

2000 Mack CH613-950,000 Miles, Super 10

1998 Mack CH613 -1,100,000 Miles, New Engine

Chevy C70 Grain Dump-T/A

1997 CPS Hopper Bottom

2014 KBH Hopper Bottom

2011 KBH Hopper Bottom

1977 Fruehauf Lowboy Trailer

Utility Trailer-5×12

Texas Bragg Utility Trailer-6’6″x16′

Cotton Trailer

Van Trailer-Storage

Tag Along Loader

Tri Axle Trailer-Steel Floor

Fuel Trailer-1000 Gallon, DEF Tank, w/ Pump

Miller 225 Welder-on Trailer

(2) 2000 Gallon Fuel Tanks

Grain Giant Grain Cart

Short Line 660 Grain Cart-w/ Tarp

(2) Eddins Grain Carts

Reynolds 10C Dirt Scraper

Reynolds 14C Dirt Scraper

1999 Reynolds LS-18 Scraper